now sells Cryptocurrencies

In case you didn’t notice: this article was an April fools gag.

If you think about it, it totally makes sense: You can buy almost anything on so why not cryptocurrencies?

That’s what probably went through Jeff Bezos’ head as well, because as of today you can buy cryptocurrency directly from!

After the announcement of Facebooks own coin and Apples rumored cryptocurrency support in their new credit card it was only a matter of time until another online behemoth advances into the crypto space. has exclusive leaked footage of the new category. Not only do they list almost all cryptocurrencies, it looks like they came up with some clever refinement categories and if you look closely there are also a couple of other interesting things in this screenshot:

Buy cryptocurrencies on

And even the first couple of reviews are here

Wow! What a way to start the month of April!

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