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Purpose: Supply chain blockchain

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  • Comprehensive management solution, for instance through co-determination via voting rights
  • Private individuals cannot set up nodes
  • Proof of authority: authority masternodes append blocks to the blockchain
  • Authority masternodes require KYC verification and can decide whether they are publicly known
  • Tracking of digital assets on the blockchain
  • Smart contracts or dApps record transfer of ownership from company to company
  • Centralized further development of the blockchain by the VeChain Foundation.
  • VeChain Improvement Proposals (VIP) collects suggestions for improvements from the community
  • VeChain Identity (VID) for each object via NFC, RFID and QR codes to track supply chain and current status.
  • Identities are created by "mining" an SHA256 function
  • VID summarized in tags activated by software and stored on the blockchain
  • Nodes are set up and maintained exclusively by the participating companies
  • 4 different types of nodes
  • Nodes receive rewards in the form of VTHO, authority masternodes even 30% of all VTHO consumed in transactions
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