The new Just.game on the TRON platform

  • Just.game is a game on the TRON Smart Contract platform.
  • Caution: Only those who enter early will earn money. This prize is paid by those who enter too late and have no chance to get their full stake back. It’s like a ponzi scheme!
  • Not all information about Just.Game is known yet. As soon as there is more information, we will update this article.

Just.Game – How does it work

Buy boxes

If you want to play, you have to buy ‘gift boxes’ with the TRON currency TRX. They cost 25 TRX a piece and the value of these boxes is initially 0. But each additional box that is being sold after yours, a portion of the revenue will be divided among all those who already own boxes. The other part goes into a jackpot.

Open boxes

At any time you can open your boxes (end the game) and get double the value the boxes currently have, paid out in TRX. This way you are constantly faced with the question:

“Do I open the box now and secure the current value (x2) and renounce the further increase in value, or do I leave it closed to open it at a later time when it is even more valuable.”

game theoretical dilemma of the Just.game

The catch: If you miss the right time to open the boxes and the game round is over, all boxes will be opened, but everyone gets only half of what they would have gotten earlier.

Upgrade boxes

Instead of ending the round and opening all the boxes, you can also “upgrade” your boxes: What that meas is, that you use the value of your current boxes to automatically buy new boxes.

End of round

The game runs until a timer runs to 0. But every action (buy boxes, upgrade boxes) extends the timer, so a round of Just.game can take a very long time.

The Endgame – Who wins the Jackpot in Just.Game

A part of the proceeds goes into the jackpot. The jackpot is split between the last 100 players who bought new boxes. Another factor that can make a round very, very long.

As soon as we have more information, this article will be updated.

Disclaimer: Der Handel mit Kryptowährungen birgt ein hohes Risiko und kann bis zum Totalverlust des eingesetzten Kapitals führen. Keine der hier aufgeführten Informationen sind als Anlageberatatung zu verstehen. Alle genannten Kurse sind ohne Gewähr. Bitte beachten Sie dazu auch den den Haftungsausschluss im Impressum.
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