Just.game (Curvy.ai)

The new Just.game on the TRON platform

  • Just.game (Curvy) is a game on the TRON Smart Contract platform that started on December 23
  • Caution: The game is complicated. While there will be some winners, most people will lose and every “prize” is paid by those who enter too late or make the wrong decisions. It has certain aspects of a pyramid scheme
  • But it is a fascinating experiment what’s possible with autonomous programs on a blockchain architecture

Just.Game – How does it work?

Buy boxes

If you want to play, you have to buy ‘gift boxes’ with the TRON currency TRX. They cost 25 TRX a piece and the value of these boxes is initially 0. But for each additional box that is being sold after yours, a portion of the revenue will be divided among all those who already own boxes. The other part goes into a jackpot.

Open boxes

At any time you can open your boxes (end the game) and get double the value the boxes currently have, paid out in TRX. This way you are constantly faced with the question:

“Do I open the box now and secure the current value (x2) and renounce the further increase in value, or do I leave it closed to open it at a later time when it is even more valuable.”

game theoretical dilemma of the Just.game

The catch: If you miss the right time to open the boxes and the game round is over, all boxes will be opened, but everyone gets only half of what they would have gotten earlier.

Upgrade boxes

Instead of ending the round and opening all the boxes, you can also “upgrade” your boxes: What that means is, that you use the value of your current boxes to automatically buy new boxes.

End of round

The game runs until a timer (initially at 12 hours) goes to 0. But every action (buy boxes, upgrade boxes) extends the timer, so a round of Just.game can take a very long time.

The Endgame – Who wins the Jackpot in Just.Game

A part of the proceeds goes into the jackpot. The jackpot is split between the last 100 players who bought new boxes. Another factor that can make a round very, very long.

In addition, there are a number of other game theory concepts that we will explain here once the game is live and we have understood them ourselves.

The “Glitch”

more to follow

Gametheoretical considerations

The jackpot is the incentive to keep the game going but it will not be the main reason why people will participate.

Instead, players will try to increase their investment or at least get their initital investment back) by opening the boxes. By opening the boxes, players will gain the double the current value of the box, but lose the right to increase the value even further. As long as the payout of the boxes does not exceed the purchase price, no one will open their boxes.

That means, at the beginning of the game the number of total boxes in the system will increase rapidly. As with any pyramid system, however, there comes a point at which not enough new players enter the system. The ratio of total boxes to new boxes is then so high that the additional “yield” that has to be divided among all boxes hardly increases the value of each individual box.

At that point, more players will open their boxes to secure the value. This reduces the total number of boxes, so that there is more return for the remaining players.

At some point an equilibrium should be reached, but how that will look like …nobody know yet.

(more info to follow)

Risks of the Just.Game

  • The underlying Smart Contracts could have bugs, so the game will not work as expected. Worst case would be a total loss.
  • The game theoretic principles of Just.Game are complicated. It is easy to make wrong “investment” decisions.
  • Just.Game is designed to target certain human emotions. These include greed, addiction, FOMO (Fear of missing out) and the human desire to collect. People tend to make bad decisions under the influence of these emotions
  • If the game becomes overly successful, the TRON Network could fail with unknown consequences

How to play the game – Step by Step

As mentioned, the chances to win money with the game are not the best if your are late to the game and we would advise to to play. But if you still want to try your luck, here is how to do it.

1. Visit https://just.game

Go to the User Interface of the game. The top section shows some stats, like the sum of the total TRX collected (“Royalities”). In the upper right hand side, there is the timer. The left section shows the current activity. The right section shows the current Top 100 that would win the jackpot if the timer went to zero. The middle section is where you want to connect with the game.

2. Login with Browser Extension Tron Link or send money from exchange

There are to ways to connect with the game. You can either cennect to the TRON LINK Browser Wallet or you can send TRX from an exchange. The former is faster while the latter is the way to go if you’re TRX are on an exchange.

3. Buy boxes

Once you are logged in, the right hand side provides more options. One is to “BUY BOXES”. You will see three preconfigured packages but you can also use the slider to buy a custom amount of boxes with your TRX. Click on the “SEND TRX” button and the TRON LINK confirmation button to complete the transaction.

Frequently asked questions

How many boxes can I buy?
As many as you like. But the more boxes have already been sold, the lower the share of sales for your own box.

How much revenue do I get per box?
For every box sold, some percentage go to the existing box holders. So the more boxes exist the less does each box appreciate in value.

Do I have to open all boxes at once?
Yes, the actions Open Boxes and Upgrade Boxes always apply to all boxes at once.

Is Just.Game a scam?
It is a game with many features of a ponzi scheme where some will profit and others will definitely lose money. However, the rules are well known and are set out in a smart contract. The operator can neither disappear with the money, nor get unjustly rich. The danger, however, is that many people do not understand the rules of the game or act on emotions and thus make wrong decisions that cost money. That being said, it is no more of a scam than lotteries or other kinds of gambling sites.

Just.game updates

Day 1: After a very rocky launch the game started almost 2 hours late. Once people where able to buy boxes it only took a couple of minutes until almost 300.000.000 TRX where sent to the contract. After 12 hours people spent more than $ 4,5 Mio (343 Mio TRX) on the game.

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